Best Home Carpet Cleaner

People ask me all the time…”Don, what is the best carpet cleaner I can use for my home in between regular professional appointments?” One thing I preach all the time is that time is of the essence when it comes to spots and stains. The sooner you can get them out the better.
Carpet is a textile, not unlike your clothing. If you spilled something on your clothing would you continue wearing it for several months or years? As ridiculous as that sounds it is exactly what people do with carpeting and furniture every day.
Time is of the essence, and if you are able to tackle a spill or stain immediately you have a much greater chance of getting it out before it becomes permanent. So many times we run into stains that would have come out if only the owner had taken the time to work on them.
Recently I came across this Consumer Reports video on testing home carpet cleaning machines. One caveat you should be aware of; in the video they rated drying time as the most important factor. Although that is very important, I would rank the ability to remove soil and stains as the most important concern. As you can see in the video the machine they ranked best did not remove the stains as well as another machine with longer drying time.
You can see the Consumer Reports video here.

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